Wednesday, August 24, 2011

a watched pot, woe is me and all that jazz

I'm doing my part to obsess over the hurricane this week so that it won't actually come. Everyone knows that's how it works. Won't you join me?

My outwardly identical actions lie in stark contrast to growing up in North Carolina and obsessing over a hurricane because, good Lord, there was nothing more exciting than the 'eye' of a mild to moderate hurricane passing over your town and being able to walk out into your yard and survey the first half of the damage.

..I know it wasn't just a kid thing - Dad thought it was fun, too.

Today, not one part of me is the least bit giddy as I stalk - I won't get out of school. A power outage will not be 'fun.' The cost of a basement flood scares the bejeezus out of me. And if that big ass tree in our front yard falls on our house. . . .

((yep.. there's the eye twitch))

I'm forsaking my roots in the name of safety, hot water and electricity.

And I can't even drink beer while we watch the whole thing.

Oh, adulthood, you fickle minx.

..and here's a random video of a drunk weather man. At least they'll be excited. Whooo! I like it!

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