Saturday, August 6, 2011

Meet Henry

He's Harper's little brother. She's very excited!

After the 2 seconds it took to confirm that he is, indeed, a boy, and for my heart to grow two sizes and fall madly in love with a slightly scary 3-d ultrasound image of him opening and closing his mouth, Harper jumped on the bandwagon.

"Harper! You're going to have a little brother!"

"A bruh-ber?!"

This is a huge improvement over last week's ultrasound. When asked by the ultrasound tech if she wanted a brother or a sister, she replied matter-of-factly, "A dinosaur."

Today, we asked what we should name him. Enthusiastically, she deemed him, "Snake."

While we're still certainly considering this as a nickname possibility because it's just so awesome (and I'd be lying if I said I hope it doesn't stick, at least for a few days)...

We're going to go with Henry. Henry Butler Our-Last-Name.

We promise he'll gain some weight in the face between now and December.


  1. Yah!!! How lucky are you to have one of each!!! I'm so happy for you and your family! Little Henry will love his mommy to pieces... there is nothing like a mommy's boy!! Yah for babies!!

  2. So awesome! Henry "Snake" Butler haha

  3. oh my goodness what a handsome guy--you know, in a fetus sort of way :-D

    snake butler has a nice ring to it by the way...

  4. You realize since Henry is the first boy in our fam, there will be lots of spoil. Go Blue! Btw, Billy would love "snake" Butler :-)

  5. Thanks so much, everyone! We are so, so excited. . . and y'all.. she called him Snake again, today. I'm beginning to think it wasn't a funny coincidence.

  6. Hey - she knows what she's doing. Later in life, how beneficial for her to have a brother named Snake?!

  7. Oh I LOVE it! Love that you're having a boy (knew it!), love that Harper's stoked, and LOVE the name! Or names, I suppose, haha!

  8. Yay for baby Snake! Congratulations, so glad you were able to have another ultrasound after your experience with the last douchy tech. Like seriously, that chick (I think it was a chick right?) better have been having just the most awful day of her life to be so crappy and flippant on such a big day for an expectant mother. Yuck to her. Yay for baby bruh-ber!