Friday, August 5, 2011

Babygate - the saga continues

On Saturday, we'll know the baby's gender around or about 2:30 p.m.

Thanks to an out-of-pocket boutique ultrasound that'll probably be waaay fancy, I'll finally be able to saddle the baby with some ridiculous, yet gender specific clothing.

And post a couple of super high resolution pictures that are weird, . . . in a "that really doesn't look like a baby, but aww, how cute. you say that's the face?" sort of way.

Oh, and officially name the baby. Don't worry. I won't set up a poll for that, too. We plan to bestow upon the baby an appropriately haughty, Southern name that'll take them at least 15 seconds to say until they just shorten it to "Beau" or "Bette." I kid, I kid.

Continue to vote, unless it annoys you.

Do I need to say that this isn't my baby and that I found it on Google images?


  1. I hope you find out tomorrow! I always loved shopping after I found out the sex always went a little overboard :)

  2. eee! I'm so excited for you!! fingers crossed! btw, if you ever need someone to watch little Miss Harper for future medical appointments, I'm happy to help out

  3. I love the "Peace" sign he/she is throwing up. Can't wait to find out! I say boy =)