Friday, August 12, 2011

in which a classical education includes pop culture phenomena

Today, I really hammered home the difference between Harper's top teeth, bottom teeth and front teeth, so as to hopefully decrease the number of monkey shine fits she throws when I'm trying to brush them. or pull them out one by one sans sedation.. b/c that's how it sounds..

She learned how to pick up super pesky and slippery items with her fork.

And, requisite for any golfer's child, she perfected her old-man golf yells, "Go ball!" (for shots off the tee) and "Get in the hole, ball!" (for exciting putts) because yes.. we may have watched a little of the PGA Championship after nap time.

and 'round about 4:00 p.m. (what-on-Earth-do-we-do-until-Brandon-gets-home-o'clock) I taught Harper how to plank. She's a natural! ..even planking on an unsafe ledge! Reason 876 we like her. A lot.

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