Monday, August 1, 2011

Boy or girl?

In the realm of motherhood, tomorrow is a big day - the full anatomy scan of baby2. While I sit, fidgety and nervous and full of anticipation regarding the health of our newest doodlebug, I'll admit that my mind occasionally wanders to the fun aspect of this visit. . . we'll find out if the baby is a boy or a girl.

In my heart of hearts, I feel like its a boy and since I 'knew' Harper was a girl, I'm resolutely sticking to my guns until they tell me otherwise.

Brandon's poignant weigh-in last night was, "This time you think it is a boy. Last time you knew Harper was a girl. I am going to say that I believe it is a girl because you think it is a boy and last time you were right so statistically, you probably aren't right again." ..So there.

The Chinese Gender Chart says that I will have a girl.
I haven't been as sick with this pregnancy.
I have way more energy.
..and I'd like to go ahead and smugly say that I've been far less moody, alas, equally emotionally stirred by anything from TV commercials to a kiss from Harper.

What do you think? Answer to follow tomorrow night.


  1. OK so I'm gonna go ahead and tell you I voted girl. I was convinced that since this pregnancy is so different from Michael's that this time it's a girl. Nope, He flashed us his junk plain as day two weeks ago at ours and then the following week when we had to redo some measurements. So there, I feel like complete crap this pregnancy, have been sick on my stomach on and off the first trimester, horrible headaches and it's still a boy. LOL

  2. lol! congrats though! that's what makes this so fun - my friend Tiffany had a similar experience, in that everything was different with her second pregnancy (in a good way) and she had another girl, too!