Monday, March 14, 2011

Top of the Muffin to ya! Week 9

This will gross you out. Fair warning.

Everyone always says, "Don't finish your child's food."

and in my head, I say, "Right. I'm not a garbage disposal."

In my gut, I scream, "Are you kidding?! We're a one-salary family. We do not waste anything. Just this morning, I broke a sweat trying to cut the top off of a bottle of lotion to scrape out the remains. Are you telling me I shouldn't eat the last two bites of Harper's oatmeal/quesadilla pizza/PB&Banana? Ludicrous. Pay my grocery bill, then you can give me a list of rules."

This week, mid-week, my head conquered.

So, beginning at lunchtime on Thursday, I set aside Harper's leftovers that I would normally eat. And by Sunday night, this is what I had:

Disgusting, right? Bites add up.

Everyone who has a toddler knows their tastes change with the tides, so with each meal, I present a few options.

The bad news is that I was eating what she didn't want plus a meal. The good news is that my child has an inherent grasp on nutrition. As evidenced by the lack, she loves all forms of dairy, vegetables (except for those peas. . .) and fruit.  She doesn't particularly like junk. . .mardi gras king cake, organic corn chips, big hunks of bread. ((chews pen studiously, learns lesson from toddler))

The wonderful news is that, in this world of many vices, this is a super easy habit to break. . . especially when you can see it sitting in your fridge for three days instead of on the top of your muffin.

Down 1 lb. this week.


  1. I think all moms are guilty of that one. LOL. I have gotten where I will save it for another meal for him if there is enough for another full meal or partial meal. Generally, he will finish it at the second meal. I keep telling myself that I need to eat more lke Michael, crackers, cheese, graham crackers, fruit, water, milk and juice. If only it were that easy....

  2. LOL! That's crazy! And yes it is super hard not to "waste." One of the most helpful things I've ever heard about losing weight is that it's okay to waste. Just throw it away. But it's still hard!

    Way to go on a pound down!

  3. that's incredible! My main diet crasher isn't finishing what Sarah doesn't eat, but eating a "snack" with her. She wants a graham cracker mid-afternoon after her nap, so she gets one. I get two. You're inspiring me to just put the crackers down and drink some water or something! Good job on a pound down!!

  4. that is scary..I don't even want to know what I consume between both of my children.....

  5. I totally get the "eating their leftovers". Some days that is all I have time to eat. A mama's gotta do what a mama's gotta do. Nibbling on my kids pretzels is often what gets me through the day. :)

  6. This is so true. I ate your leftovers and gained about 7 lbs. as a result. It is hard to throw food in the trash. It goes against everything we think is right! It's hard! Maybe a community meal is the answer! Put everything on the table and everyone gets what they want, and the rest goes to the fridge for the next meal!!! ahahhahah!

  7. Gross yet poignant experiment! It's always more shocking to actually see what you're putting in your body. Reminds me of another experiment I heard someone did for Earth Day. She carried around a bag of trash with her for 1 week to see exactly how much she threw away, and how much of it was waste or could've been recycled, and how quickly it filled up. It was a great experiment, made her rethink her shopping habits and food portions to cut down on waste and actually use/eat less.

    Put a copy of this photo on your fridge Courtney! Great diet inspiration!

  8. whoa. way gross... but what a point to make!! oddly enough--of my millions of food vices, i have NO interest to eat what eden eats... except the goldfish she likes to "share" with me. perhaps my only GREAT food habit has just been reinforced.