Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A mile in my shoes. . .

We met with a Realtor this weekend.

Because, well.. we'll be moving in 15 months.  And I want to make sure everything is perfectly ready to sell when we have to.  No surprises. No unforseen expenses. How Type A!

For the 20 minutes it took our savvy hired gun to assess our house, I prepped for nearly a week.

Because she looked in every room, I couldn't just hide toys & coats & junk in the office.

I had a wonderful helper who's always up for a conversation and whose hands absolutely gravitate to clutter.  and sharp objects. and electrified objects. and objects which make permanent marks.

I left the attic for last, because it's a bit of a wreck and..

..because it's a little sad.

Stored are wedding gifts too breakable to display,

boxes of baby clothes that have been outgrown,

racks of beautiful silk dresses, skirts, suits, oxford shirts still pressed,

and shoes.. oh, the shoes.

As Harper and I sat playing on the floor with a "new" old toy, I begrudgingly gave the racks a glance.

I don't have a portfolio of my work, so ridiculously, the display on those racks is my sorely outdated resume.

I saw my first interview. God, was I nervous.

My first day of work in Milwaukee. And the weekly meeting that left me wanting to quiver under the table or run home.  Neither of which I could manage in those sky-high shoes.

My first trip to Chicago. Oh, the days of buying fancy things on a whim ..& taking trips on a whim.

My last day of work in Milwaukee. I've never been so sad to leave something behind.

My first huge presentation at a new job. 200 people? Why didn't someone tell me that? I would have worn a suit!

The day I told my boss I was pregnant. Wow, I spent a lot of time dreading that for no reason.

Some days, when yoga pants and a ponytail don't exactly scratch the itch, I might long for burgundy suede and leopard print and black patent leather with gold chains. . .

..because the resume served me well.

It led to the job for which I was made.

And who says mommy life is void of leopard print?


  1. moving?! where are you moving? (not that its happening tomorrow or anything...) but i must say, the type a preparation is something to be proud of!

  2. We are! ..but we won't know until December. Brandon's doing fellowship, so it's off to..somewhere for two years! The Type B in me is really loving not knowing where we're going, though :)