Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Possibly Unpopular Opinion of the Week

Does the illness have a name?

There are only two symptoms.

Upon sight of a camera, one experiences involuntary mouth scrunching with uncontrolled jerks of the index and middle finger of one or both hands.

It's a relentless illness, as the afflicted continually post the contortion on their Facebook page.

Unfortunately, it's contagious. I've even seen some moms do it in their weekly pregnancy pictures!

Luckily, there is no shame or stigma, because usually, it's a profile picture.

Most luckily, it seems to dissipate with the removal of a camera, because I've never seen anyone standing in line like this at Target.

Be aware of the symptoms. Don't be the next victim.

Oh, hay Urban Dictionary WebMD!


  1. Court, please post a warning at the top. "If you are drinking anything, swallow before reading." I just spit my water all over the screen from this. And still am laughing.

  2. I will probably pose like this the next time I'm in line at Target. I kinda feel like you dared me to.

  3. That's hilarious... we call it the MySpace kissey face

  4. That's hilarious. And Paul, I would definitely take a picture of you and post it online. LOL

  5. Oh, the duckface pictures. Gotta love those klassy pics!

  6. Linwood read this first, and when he lol'd over there behind his computer, I knew he was reading your blog. So, I pulled it up on my phone immediately...and also laughed audibly at the same part. That Target line (the line you said, not the line in the store)!! Also, too bad this opinion is unpopular...

  7. If you haven't seen the "White Girls & Gang Signs" video on YouTube, it's a must!