Monday, February 21, 2011

Top of the Muffin, to ya! Week 6

One day, I made the grand mistake of taking Harper to Ulta because.. in the middle of the winter, girls just need some OPI therapy.

As soon as Harper hit the door, I knew we were in trouble.

5 minutes in, she was double-fisting expensive nail polishes and trying to squirm away to freedom.

I have to handle her like a live grenade.

If her mood is tarnished, the bottles will be launched in protest - either smashing on the floor, Gallagher-style, or wounding unsuspecting old ladies.

After 10 minutes of disengaging bombs browsing, we entered the queue. Waiting, I admired my swift Mom moves: Beneath her notice, I managed to downgrade her fists to one bottle of polish and a small, inexpensive tube of Ulta Citrus Verbena hand lotion that I didn't really want.

$2.50 or a tantrum? $2.50, thanks.

I've never been one for fruity, foody lotion, so for days, it sat in the car, unused. Then, one day when we were stuck in traffic, I relented. For just $2.50, it takes me to a happy place. . .

Smell-o-vision ..smell-o-vation...happens on the afternoon commute.  It goes a little something like this:

Because it smells like this:

Which makes me think of this (omg. have you ever had these?):

And you buy those here, which is where we'll be in just 70 short days. Ahhh..

On a blustery, smoggy, freezing DC day, I can almost feel this:

And hear this:

And see Harper running here:

And she'll smell like this:

And I need a new bottle of this:

And it'll be so hot that I'll be drinking this, but I'll make it a Light:

Stop, stop, wait. No.

Pump the breaks.


Daydream FAIL, but hello, motivation. Down 1 lb, this week.

Oh. And smell-o-bviously, I take no credit for the images and accept no responsibility for the spending spree that may result from this diatribe.


  1. Jealously, I thought about y'all while I wrote it!

  2. I hope ya'll have a good time. I can't wait till we go back! On a side note - more snow tonight.

  3. You are too funny! I'm only four weeks away from a 3-day cruise with my husband our vacation booze buddies and pictures like that make it not soon enough! Great job on the lb loss!

  4. @Han - We're going to Ft. Lauderdale! I'm so, so excited! We went last year, too, and I've been counting down ever since.

  5. @Apparently - lol. I wish I were someone's vacation booze buddy! I bet you're so excited!