Sunday, February 6, 2011

I heart you.

((steps up on soap box))

Y'all, it's American Heart Month. Do you know the warning signs of a heart attack? Learn them. Do you know basic first aid and CPR? Learn it. Are you at risk for heart disease? Find out. Do you think you might be at risk for high blood pressure? Take a quiz.

You don't want to be caught with your pants down if you or someone you know has the big one.

Go to the doctor.

Go Packers.

((steps off))


  1. It's my heart month too, which is why I haven't seen y'all in forever. Doing open hearts sucks almost as much as having to have an open heart done on your, I have decided.
    (Steps off)

  2. your=you. I've had some wine and was reading a John Dickens novel.