Thursday, February 24, 2011

ringing the bell of earthy desires

Each New Year's Eve, the Japanese have a tradition that I'll get behind in a very American, Spring cleaning sort of way. 

They clean their homes and throw out old stuff. Most businesses and their employees spend the last day of the year doing the same thing. 

They end the day with long noodles (to signify crossing over form one year to the next) and then a big cast iron bell is rung 108 times for each of the earthly desires Buddhists believe to cause suffering.

The purpose is to welcome the new year with a clean slate - including people's minds and bodies.

So today I'm cleaning, making an unspeakably large donation of "stuff" to Goodwill, being exceedingly thankful that we had the resources to purchase, use and re-purpose said "stuff" and tonight I think we'll have.. spaghetti.

..And here, I'm therapeutically listing my current earthly desires.  . . . for which I feel a twinge of Scarlett O'Hara suffering, because what I have now is good enough and I won't buy more:

Lemon & Juniper Breeze candles - 2 for $20, right now. How Springy!

China Glaze Knotty Nauticals Starboard and OPI Texas Collection Houston We Have a Purple:

Sewing machine - This one, specifically. Laugh it up:

Cookware in funky colors, like this vintage Club Aluminum dutch oven & a Le Creuset loaf pan:

...and a set of calligraphy pens:


  1. Season One of Vampire Diaries isn't on your list?? I can't believe it!!

  2. Well, I figure you have that one covered. . . .!