Wednesday, December 22, 2010

That's what she said.

I remember the first time Brandon, ever the ladies' man, told me sent me an email saying he loved me. 

If I look hard enough, I can probably find it printed out somewhere in my old bedroom in NC.   And if I found it and read it, my palms might get sweaty (because I'm incredibly smooth, like that) and I'd definitely get that tight, tickly feeling in my chest.

You know that feeling, right? When something unexpectedly wonderful happens and you feel like your heart will just.. burst? and your knees feel weak, but so ridiculously strong that you're positive you could max out the long jump of the Presidential Fitness Test?

 That, my friends, is euphoria.

At the University of Kansas, researchers are explaining, from a physiological standpoint, why we feel this way:

The Vagus nerve, y'all. It connects your heart with your brain (cardiovascular system to your emotions) so that when something amazing happens, your heart rate increases and lots of blood is quickly and efficiently pumped to your muscles. It's the same response to fear and stress, so that your body can fight or flee.  If you don't need to do either, all you can do is jump up and down.

Not much of a bouncer? Do you, instead, feel the need to invade space bubbles with bear hugs? What up, Oxytocin. Combined with all the energy from the extra blood flow, Oxytocin's release triggers "effusive urges to explore."  Or hug, or whatever socially appropriate, possibly awkward gesture you can throw together.  My favorite is the high-five.

..and you feel like your whole chest will explode, right? By your powers combined, you begin to breathe far more deeply to allow for the extra blood flow, which is why the love explosion feels like it's happening all over your chest, not just in your heart.

..and for the love of Michael Scott one-liners, someone please be thinking what I'm thinking right now.


  1. lol love explosion all over your chest......

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  4. Also, this one was super good.

  5. You captured the essence of something magical on this one, Courtney! I love it!

  6. My favorite part (of course, besides the love explosion) is "If you don't need to do either, all you can do is jump up and down." It makes you feel so ridiculous and silly!