Wednesday, December 8, 2010

British Drawers

When I think of England, I think tea, Jane Austen, and now 10-year-old underwear.

That's right. 1.7 million Britons admit to wearing the same underwear for 10 years. My God. What garners its eventual, merciful toss into the trash? After 10 years, it's probably like a member of the family.

I have to think that if 1.7 million people in England do it, there are probably a few offenders in the US. 

Are you blushing?

..or are you reading along smugly, mentally rifling through your unmentionables and noting that you don't have any that are more than a few years old?

Turns out, that's gross, too.

Laboratory tests confirm the presence of "medium to high levels of living bacteria" (which include Staph and E.coli) in 83% of underwear that is just one year old!

Now, we're always reminded that "bacteria is everywhere and it's not all bad," so this might not sound terribly shocking. ...unless you're using your panties to wash your face or do your dishes.

..Well, are you? Do you wash your one-year-old draws with your washcloths? Your bath towels? Your dishtowels?  Saving a little $ by using the "cold" setting on the washing machine, are you? Hello, cross contamination.

Don't know about y'all, but on this blustery December day, there's about to be some spring cleaning going on up. in. here.


  1. i bet hennard has 10 year old undies!!

  2. Thanks for your deductive reasoning, Hannah. I assume the tip was his acid-wash jeans? You've now ruined the time he winked at me and I turned 40 shades of red.

  3. I am laughing OUT LOUD at this one! You are so funny!!!!
    I love you and your blog!!!