Thursday, December 9, 2010

Boo Hoo

I cry at random.

I can generally hold it together (ok, semi-hold it together after having Harper) at genuinely sad occasions. Stoicism usually trumps the boo hoo. I figure it doesn't do anyone any good to see me blubbering and it gives me a headache. And makes me look messy. I have excellent self-control in matters involving the state of my mascara.

I am, however, unable to control myself with animated movies, but now it makes sense: I read the reason people cry at animated movies is because the characters aren't human so the viewer's guard is down and they aren't prepared to react with human emotion and empathy. ..So then Buzz and the gang are rolling down to the incinerator and you I realize you're I'm on the verge of the ugly cry. I watched Toy Story 3 against my will, because. . .

The way I avoid the ugly cry is simple: I just don't watch animated movies. I swore them off after Brandon brought home Finding Nemo.  I knew in the first few minutes that I was just better off not watching.  A cute fish with one little fin? I'll pass, thank you. I can see the writing on the wall. You can keep your box of Kleenex.

Oh, and I'm not a person who subscribes to the adage of "a good cry." ..Far too many things set me off without my seeking out the opportunity as evidenced by my..

Top three random tear jerkers:

1. TV commercials. Y'all. That commercial for the Nissan Leaf where the polar bear moseys through the city then hugs the man who bought the Leaf? ((Starts the "slow clap" for the ad people who came up with that little piece of genius)).

2. Videos of singing and dancing flash mobs. This is a new one.  What on earth is wrong with me? Who cries at a bunch of people dancing to Thriller? or singing in a mall food court?

3. Home runs. This, I find most insane, because in a stadium of tens of thousands, I know I'm the only one who reacts like I do.  There's just something ..magical about a home run. It sounds different. It's the culmination of hard work. The look on the batter's face as he rounds first, then the different look as he rounds third. All that was old is new again.  Everyone is yelling and jumping up and down and spilling beer. ...and I can't see b/c I'm fighting back tears? What the...?

I have no idea what Brandon will do with me if we have a child who plays ball..or likes Disney movies.. or drives an electric car..     ..or becomes a professional flash mobber.


  1. That last paragraph is the best! I laughed. Hard.

  2. Thank you. At least you didn't cry.

  3. Not at this one - though I've been on the verge reading a couple of your others...

  4. You really need to work on that movie thing!!!

  5. I cried when I read your post about the ornaments--so don't worry :)

  6. Please.. I blubber and snort all over the place when I'm writing them!

  7. I cry the first 2 mins of "Up" and the end of "Forrest Gump" and "Steel Magnolias"...and when I get frustrated. It's very frustrating to cry when one is frustrated. I can never argue with people b/c once I get to that point, it's coming out my eyes and then I just feel pathetic.