Friday, December 31, 2010

Because, clearly, I'm insane.

I've decided to become a vegan.  Not forever.  Maybe just for a week, or just until tomorrow (as is typically the way my notions go). Cue the eye roll. I know. I get it.

On Christmas Eve, I had one of the best dinners I have ever, ever had. . . Beef Wellington (For serious..tenderloin all huggy with puff pastry? What could be better?), prepared by our very, very good friend who's extremely worldly ..and eats crazy things on the regular.

If he hadn't made it, I probably would have never chosen to eat it. ..and if you've never had this amazingly decadent, super rich food, you definitely shouldn't die without eating it. Go ahead.  Put it on your bucket list. Don't let the pate impugn your curiosity.

Anyway, after a fun night spent with our friends while Harper quietly snoozed and waited for Santa, I began to feel strangely... unwell. Gurgly, hot, cold, hot.

For an hour or so, I ignored it and chalked it up to being so darn excited about Christmas and all of Harper's presents. When I couldn't ignore it any longer (you know, when your mouth starts to weirdly water. . .not in a good way), I made the loud and lady-like proclamation that I would, most certainly, barf.

I'll fast-forward about three hours when, weak and sweaty, I curled up in a ball in bed and squeaked to Brandon that I would never, ever eat beef, again. After all, it wasn't the first time I had reacted so. . violently.

As kismet would have it, I had just purchased a new "diet" book called Skinny Bitch. I'll admit that the name caught my eye - as I've mentioned before, I am the very most perfect consumer - and I heard it was actually much more than "another diet book" by promoting a clean, sensible approach to eating.

Obviously, I wouldn't have purchased it if the back cover had divulged the fact that the authors are anti-cheeseburger.

Because it's the way I roll, I read the whole thing the next day during Harper's nap. It's inflammatory, it's reactionary, the authors talk out of both sides of their mouths, they're incredibly liberal, which I am so incredibly..not, but they cite credible sources regarding their vegan argument and offer great suggestions on how to "clean up" the way you eat.  And I like clean things. . .

So, I've been a cheeseless, meatballless, crazy person for two days. ..and I feel great. Assuming I don't cave to the wiles of the saucy minx..also known as the cocktail wiener.. at a party tonight, I'll attempt to convert everyone in a later post.  Kidding. Happy New Year!


  1. Now, it would be quite a coup if you could convert that carnivorous husband of yours! Imagine your dad a vegan...

  2. Omgoodness, I wouldn't ever survive it! I couldn't go vegetarian MUCH MUCH LESS vegan!

  3. FYI - Linwood and I got a good chuckle over the phrase about the wiles of the saucy minx. They will get you every time!

  4. I feel ya! I went vegetarian almost a whole month after I got food poisoning for the first time (ok, it did happen right at the beginning of Lent). I eventually caved, but seriously think if I could go full vegan my sinus and allergies would clear up. I don't know if coconut milk counts as dairy, but I have a great and easy carrot coconut curry you serve over rice. It's sweet and spicy and really simple to make. I can send you the recipe if you want!

  5. Please, please send it! I can have coconut milk! ...and yes, I feel totally great. Skinny Bitch even has a little section on how it clears up allergies (hope it's true)!