Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Possibly Unpopular Opinion of the Week

If a toddler is doing pterodactyl-esque screeches in a store while their frazzled parent unavoidably shops for necessities and you decide it's appropriate to give that toddler the stink-eye, congratulations! You'll probably embarrassed & shamed the parent, and left them questioning their child-rearing abilities.

..but on the off chance that parent is a little bit crazy? You may also find your tires slashed in the parking lot.  ..which you deserve.


  1. Hello, LOVE the opinion. These people with the roaming stink-eye obviously have never had a toddler!

  2. I mostly reserve the stink eye for parents who seem oblivious to safety concerns like their kid standing up in the shopping cart seat. Think they're pretty oblivious to the stink eye too though.