Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In the blink of an eye...

Because there aren't many people I can text and say, "I just found a huge chunk of french bread in Harper's crib" and they'll think it's as funny as I do (see? you probably aren't laughing.. I am. Whatev.) then top me with an equally strange story of their child peeing on the vacuum cleaner, I'm glad there is Tiffany.  We've been friends since 6th grade and went to high school and college together.

 ...and when I found out she was having a baby just three weeks after me, relief flooded. Because it's hard being a trailblazing young mom and our husbands don't really want to get texts about nail polish colors.

We'll be a hard act to follow, but I've got to think that Harper and Danica will be as cool as Tiff and I were in middle school:

 This is from 8th grade, b/c we agreed that the 6th grade pics were way too heinous to go posting willy-nilly on the Internet.

Over Thanksgiving, two old friends got together and so did two new friends:

L: Danica, R: Harper    

Harper creeping on Danica's Puffs

Next year, the group will be even bigger (Tiff is due in January) ..and hopefully Harper will take a lesson from Danica and be more willing to participate in the group picture:


  1. Harper was so ready to go to the park, who has time for pictures??

  2. wow, i'm impressed you even have a picture of yourself from 6th grade (whether or not you share it)...i burned all mine...

    its great to have friends like that :)

  3. You were both pretty in middle school, but more so now!

  4. I guess since we are all still young enough to remember the sixth grade we haven't turned old yet...Even though most of us have children of our own

  5. Ok, so I want to know how Danica's mom kept that bow in her hair?