Sunday, November 21, 2010

..Funny story about an ice cream sandwich.

It takes me forever to tell a story.  Sometimes Usually, I get hung up on details and Brandon quits listening completely. Also, I tend to tell really long stories that only end up being marginally funny. Is there anything worse than winding up a story and realizing it's not going to get the laugh you hoped it would? Rather than my inability to tell a story, I think it's more that I find things funny that others don't. Not in a weird laugh-at-funerals sort of way, but in a dorky, snorting Steve Urkel way.

Case in point: I double over in laughter every time I think about one night in Lee Hall at NC State. It was my freshman year of college and my roommate and I were studying and watching TV.  I got sleepy, so I held out the remote control to Molly and asked, "Do you want this?" Exasperatedly..annoyed, almost, Molly replied, "Well I guess I'll take it if you don't want it!" Quizzically, I handed Molly the remote and she burst into laughter.  After a few minutes, she composed herself enough to tell me that for the previous 10 minutes, she had been staring at the remote on my bed thinking it was an ice cream sandwich.

I've told that story so many times that I've lost count.  The most I ever get is a polite "Hahaha." I guess you have to know Molly and how sweet she is, and how much we laughed that year.  And how she can't see without her contacts or glasses. And I guess you have to know how unlikely it would have been for me to have an ice cream sandwich on my bed for 10 minutes without eating it.  Or why I'd have one and she wouldn't. Or that I'd have one at all, since determined not to gain the Freshman Fifteen, all we ever did was eat popcorn and broccoli and drink Diet Vanilla Coke.

Haha.. ice cream sandwich.

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