Thursday, May 12, 2011

Opening a can of confused worms.

I was spellbound by an article I read a few days ago.

Instead of give my opinion on it, which, hello, I'm not stepping on that landmine, I'll summarize it and let you draw your own conclusions. Or, just read the whole thing yourself and draw whatever religious or political conclusions you'd like.


Recent studies suggest that taking hormonal birth control (like the Pill) may alter a woman's choice in mate (making her less likely to choose a more masculine partner), "upending" her natural, instinctive choice.

When a woman isn't using hormonal birth control, subtle changes occur during the course of a month to attract a mate: voice gets higher, certain pheromones are released, and she's more attracted to features & traits generally defined as masculine (muscle tone, dominant behavior, masculine voice).

If a woman is using hormonal birth control, none of this happens. She's more likely to find a less-masculine mate attractive. She also doesn't show a preference for a mate whose genes are very different from her own.

The latter is a key component in healthy procreation, in that a partner wants to be as genetically diverse from their partner as possible, so that their offspring will have the greatest immunity.

So, science is suggesting that choosing a partner while under the influence of hormonal birth control could lead to a less healthy child.

Another study suggests that when women choose less-masculine partners, they tend to stray more often (choosing more masculine partners) when they're fertile.

Another study found that when 81 women wore t-shirts, which were subsequently "sniffed" by 31 males, the men showed a preference for the shirts whose owners were not using hormonal birth control.

..Then they're some research about lemurs & hormonal birth control shots that hasn't been proven in people (the male lemurs were more attracted to the female lemurs before they got the shot).

Scientists are quick to say that the overarching concept hasn't been proven, but that each piece of research certainly seems to support it.

The many, many implications seem scary, if its true.

So, discuss.

Prairie Dog a cubicle mate.

Pull it out at a dinner party.

Throw it around the lunch table.


  1. I've noticed a lot of these mating activities lately in our backyard. No, no, not lemurs. Birds! They all seem to be squawking, dancing, preening, and pecking there way about. Maybe we could put some birth control in our bird feeder and run an experiment of our own.

  2. Heard about this before. Believe it to be completely true. Makes perfect and absolute sense to me.

  3. I feel ripped off. I come to this site for your opinions, not to sit here and think for myself.
    (Indy not Mandy)

  4. This might explain why my husband weighs less than I do. Or was it that chocolate cake I devoured?? Oh well, I'll blaim that on my unbalanced horomones as well. :)