Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oh, how I've waited!

Last month, my friend Tiffany sent me a link about Birchbox.  In a total I-just-changed-the-grossest-diaper-in-the-world-and-I-have-no-one-to-whom-I-can-lament moment of self-pity, I signed up.

B/c every girl needs a little treat now and then. . . or once a month.

And b/c I could never, ever afford most of this stuff!

Today, I crept out onto the porch to check the mail after putting Harper down for her nap and almost loudly reversed the calming routine that had just taken place when I saw that...

My very first Birchbox arrived!

After filling out a short questionnaire about my preferences so they know what I'll like, I get a box full of new and exciting beauty samples!

For $10, I get this little slice o' Heaven:

Hello Kitty rain boot not included. I couldn't bear to crop out its cuteness.
Jouer Moisturizing Tint. It's almost sparkly, but not quite. Two different colors.
Serge Lutens Nuit de cellophane perfume. $120/bottle. It smells delicious and..expensive.
This shrinks the visibility of pores and wrinkles and.. well.. I've been furrowing my brow for 27 years. . .
Super cute, ridiculously heavy card stock from Tiny Prints.
Champagn-y sparkly lip gloss.
A pretty big sample of lotion that smells like something I'd like to eat.
All together now.. Sigh. Until next month.

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