Thursday, May 26, 2011

Harper visits the zoo.

One of the perks of DC is, of course, the free museums. While it's wonderful that everyone has an opportunity to visit, I would willingly fork over money if it meant the venues wouldn't be quite so crowded. The great thing is that Harper loves to people-watch, so it's fine.

Yesterday, we went to the zoo. Harper is an animal enthusiast so we hoped this would be a win.

Much to my delight, she wore a "bone" (she calls it a bone. it's too funny to correct.) in her hair the whole day:

She loved the chimps, to whom she was able to get verrry close. The chimps were second only to the pandas in terms of adoration. The pandas were indoors, lunching on some bamboo when we stopped by. I didn't get a picture because Harper was so overcome with happiness that she hugged me and said, "Aww, Momma!" My cup runneth over.

On our way out, I realized that we hadn't taken enough pictures - we never do - so we took a couple near one of those misty shower things. Despite what comes next, she was enamored by the mist. The first is when she becomes slightly woebegone because I stepped out of the mist to take a picture:

The other one makes me laugh out loud. Harper got mad because Brandon stepped out of the mist to take a picture. I was telling someone that they could cut through our picture (Harp was mad, anyway) and SNAP, Brandon proclaims that he "actually got a really great picture!" I sighed in relief because those are so few and far between. Great, indeed.


  1. Do you think Harper would like to go back to the zoo in, oh, 2 weeks? Wait... 2 weeks? Holy crap, that's soon. I bet we should like... plan. :)

  2. lol. She would be ALL OVER IT. I can't believe its two weeks away! Y'all just let us know what you want to do!