Friday, May 30, 2014

On horrifying the nearly 5-year-old.

Suggest she jump into the pool in a cotton dress rather than spend an hour unearthing her bathing suit, goggles, coordinating towel and flip flops. "NEVER!" ((hysterically, throws self on bed))

Attempt to explain the concept of a word scramble. "BUT WHAT DOES THE MESSED UP WORD SAY?"

Play the video of the real Macarena from 15 years ago. "Who are these grandpas?!"

Explain that Puff Daddy is a real person. "When I'm 10, I'll have a big cat named Puff Daddy. Puffy if I'm in a hurry."

Verify that the Ninja Turtles are not of this realm. "Are they in our land? Will they ever attack danger at the grocery store when we're there? The grocery store does have pizza."

Admit that you don't know who Santa's mom is. .."But Mom?.. Mrs. Klaus.. She's not his mom, she's his lady, right?"


  1. Ha - this sounds a lot like our almost 2 year old. Don't even think about suggesting that she go outside without her winter lamb hat, or her glassies (sunglasses). I can only imagine what she'll be like in 3 years! :)

  2. I could tell you how much more awesome she'll be in three years, but you wouldn't believe me. It will be THAT good and that funny.

  3. Just wanted to say YAY that you are back. Stay put this time, ya hear? None of that disappearing on me.

    PS - Just had a massive struggle spelling disappearing. Tricky world.