Wednesday, May 14, 2014

never trust a wayfarer-wearing hipster.

After an especially tantrum-filled morning, Henry earned the rare nap.

He didn't sleep. Like usual.

After 45 minutes of boisterous play plus some intermittent rage straight into the monitor, walkie-talkie-style, **YOU KNOW I DON'T NAP. OVER.**, I gave up.

I found him pantsless, diaperless, but nonetheless, bePolo-ed.

"Haaay, Momma!"

Hey bud! Where are your pants and diaper?

"Over there. Diaper just flew off!"


  1. ahhh Brandon is at that stage too. Rare for a nap, cranky and tantrums and can't keep his pants on. At least he's nice and puts the diapers in the diaper genie....

  2. How courteous of him! I've heard people say that when they start taking off their diaper, it's time to potty train. Umm.. No thank you.