Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Life Less Ordinary

A fair and reserved maiden

passes her days unconventionally. . . studiously practicing the art of freehand tattoo

waiting impatiently for a coach

to wisk her away. .


  1. This fair maiden is adorable in her Belle dress. Danica and Emmy Belle would be so jealous if they saw! That first picture is my fave! I love it.

  2. get them some!! ...sometimes I don't even play "with" Harper when she has them on. She's content to prance around the house and look at herself in the mirror and twirl! for..like..ever! which important in January when its not 72 degrees.

  3. lol, thank you. I saw the Belle balloon from the party. . .Harper would lose her marbles!

  4. Court! Nominated you for a Leibster award... here's the link with the "rules"
    BBaaaha - enjoy. :)