Thursday, October 6, 2011

still pumping, indeed

Harper's favorite person is visiting this week - Gwandma.

Highlights expectedly include expert babysitting, organizing, laundry, cooking, shopping, crime-drama television recaps, etc.

Unexpectedly? She was on a swing at the park yesterday, commenting on her ability to 'still pump [her] legs with the best of them,' when efforts waxed slightly overzealous, causing her to nervously question the stability of the industrial, 8-person swing set, at an alarming and unfortunately-timed back-swing of 10-12 feet.

..At which point, with the bulk of my attention focused on pushing Harper, I may have teasingly and offhandedly said, "Yeah, that chain looks a little weak at the top." As I waited for my joke to be punctuated with laughter, it never occurred to me she'd do what she actually did:

Which was. . .

Jump out of the swing at its highest forward point: A blur of perfectly seasonal Chico's fabric, sparkly jewelry and expertly coiffed blond hair spanned a diagonal 10 foot decent in my periphery, punctuated with a silent, uprightly cat-like landing on slippery wood chips.

Vintage Mom & Harp. ...too busy performing death defying acts to pose.


  1. love it! i wanna be just like her when i grow up.

  2. Bwaaaaahahaha that is AWESOME! Hell, my mom would straight up almost end up in the hospital just trying to sit on a swing.

  3. well, you come by it honestly... :) ahem, and so does harper.