Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

Like all other city dwellers of the metro area, we made the pilgrimage to a pumpkin patch in the 'country,' this weekend. I apologize in advance for the terrible photography.

Ok. So we took this on the way home when I realized that we didn't take a single family picture. I look kinda crazy. Very sweaty and like I want to bite someone.

A raucous great time was had by all! I feel the need to say that, because Harper isn't smiling in most of these. Again, expert.photography.skills.

No, I swear. She had a GREAT time.

Harper and Brandon slid down a huge slide (loved: "swide down again!?"), she spied some chickens and ponies and goats and donkeys and bunnies (loved: "wook at dos wabbits! dey eatin!").

When I thought they couldn't possibly be more alike. . .


Fake chickens. Dancing. Loved.
We rode a hayride (loved: "so many bumps!") to the pumpkin patch (hated: "gon faw down. hugs! (pick me up)" amongst many twisty vines on the ground, leading up a very, very steep hill) and back to the other attractions (loved).

Finally, I'm going to lay this on you because I think it's one of the funniest things ever and completely and absolutely couldn't be a better representation of our child one year ago versus today:

2010                                                 2011


  1. she has gotten so big in just one year... wow!!! So bittersweet....and next year you will have little Henry in the pics =)

  2. I love how she's trying to escape in the 2010 photo. :P Adorable, love the pics! :)

  3. lol. it looks like Brandon's pulling her arm out of the socket!

  4. It's amazing how much difference a year makes! She barely had hair last year!

  5. love the comparison pic...those are my FAVORITES!! you should do a 2010, 2011 pic of HENRY!! haha :)

    and ps... i love h's 2011 pic... she looks like she's in a criminal lineup sayin' "i didn't do it, mama!"...bahahaha!!