Monday, June 13, 2011

Expert for hire.

Harper demonstrates. . .

proper safety recommendations. . .

and most educational usage. . .

of a water table.

Should you require a home safety consult, she accepts payment in the form of cookies, i cweem (ice cream), stowybooks, baf (bath) toys and raucous games of peek-a-boo.


  1. LOL Michael has that same table. He still loves it but I think it has more to do with being able to play in the water, get soaked and not get into trouble.

  2. Imagining one of those awesome belly laughs right now. When can we come visit again?

  3. AH! How fun is that?!
    PS. Danica took her crocs into the tub tonight.

  4. We have that exact same water table and my 1-year-old does the exact same thing. She is adorable!

  5. GGM - what's their deal? :) Doesn't matter how many toys I put in there. . . How many attempts I make to play 'with,' it's still a pool..for one!