Thursday, January 13, 2011

Possibly Unpopular Opinion of the Week

Hey, you.. with the fonty, multicolored work email signature. What are you going for, here? Because when I see your signature under your message marked "Very Important" or "Urgent!," my thought process goes a little something like this:

CrazyCakes McCrayCray
I Luckily Stumbled Into This Associate-Level Position
My Company is not thrilled with this off-brand conglomeration I call my contact information.
1 LaLa Land Lane
867-5309 It'll take me a LONG time to call you back, or I may erase your VM and pretend you didn't call.

If my super sweet email signature didn't do the trick, I'm going to throw in one or more italicized quotes by Gandhi or Aristotle to demonstrate my trustworthiness, intellect and worldliness. 

Mission accomplished.


  1. Bwwaahahaha! The inspirational quotes in 'professional' signatures kill me. No, you are not inspiring me to be a better person, and actually, I take you less seriously for trying too hard. Nice try!

  2. Oh, I have a good one! We have had two clients fail to pay us in full on the day of the wedding (one was a check bounce). Anyway, both of these clients had Bible Verses under their signatures. So, I agree with Brianna and will say I take the signature people, with a quote/verse, less seriously.