Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Night Out

After arriving home one night from dinner with Brandon, Harper and a friend, I couldn't recall what I ordered just two hours prior or any topics we might have discussed.

For the entirety of our dining experience, I sat, absorbed in Harper's entertainment, quelling screaming fits before they began, and literally sweating under a hyperactive heating fan as I quickly reached for sippy cups, grabbed breakables from her hands and picked up discarded crayons & cheese quesadillas again and again and again. 

Exhausted mentally and physically, I was completely at peace with swearing off all public appearances until Harper goes to college.

So, as plans were forming to join our friends and their three-month-old baby girl for a dinner out this weekend, I was anxious.
Then, I audibly giggled in relief as I read a text that would baffle young, single revelers, mortify the socially appropriate and delight every parent with a toddler.

"We're trying to keep our baby on a schedule. Can we do dinner at 4:30?"


  1. LOL awesome. Michael is finally at an age where it's easier. He loves to play with "his" phone; Stephen's old iphone that has games on it for him. He will sit happily at a table and eat and then play with his phone. There was a stretch when he was probably 18 months until he was about 3 where we rarely ate out because of the same anxieties you mentioned. It was just so much easier to not go or go only when we had a babysitter. It does get better, and definitely before college. ;0)

  2. So good to hear, Amanda! In the meantime, we'll appreciate the money we're saving by not going out :)

  3. I can't believe there was a 45 minute wait at 4:30!!