Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Emersen's Arrival

Today, when Harper's crib acrobatics began, I didn't move immediately.  I snuggled a little deeper and thought of all the things that are happening this morning.

Today, Harp and I have to go to the emissions testing facility to ensure our car is environmentally fit for Maryland roadways.  'Cause you know about those big billowy bombs of smoke that regularly shoot out of a 2008 Honda Accord..?

And we need to drop off a movie at Blockbuster.

And then there's story time at the library if Harper is in the mood.

And we really need milk..

..and Harper needs new socks.

And right now, in this early hour, my friend Tiffany and her husband Linwood are saying hello to their daughter, Emersen Belle, for the very first time. The moment is so fleeting and if you're a parent, you remember every single detail of those first few seconds and minutes. So cruelly, it only happens once, but it's enough to last for the rest of your life.  Congrats Tiffany, Linwood and big sister Danica!


  1. Beautiful! maybe in the next year I'll get to experience that moment. We'll see! Congratulations Tiffany! Looks like you did another excellent job!

  2. Jessica - Harp and I are always trying to cultivate quality playmates. Bring it. Quickly.