Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

In our family, "fun" family outings go like this:

Thursday -
Me: We should go to [insert all manner of outings which should serve beer. including, but not limited to: museums, zoos, parks, gardens, pumpkin patch or pretty much anywhere with a bouncy house or requires copious amounts of hand sanitizer] this weekend!
Brandon: Yeah. Harper would love it.

Friday -
Me: ((checks weather & website for any excuse to default on said fun)) Ah oh. It's looking like good weather and, oh great, not prohibitively expensive, either.
Brandon: Yeah. Harper will love it.

Saturday Morning -
Henry: from crib: "Maaaaaahmaaaaaa!"
Me: Yesss... it's Saturday. Wait.. oh no. Fun day.
Brandon: ((silence all morning.. hates all the things.))
Harper: omggggg!

Whatever it is always ends up actually being OK. Sometimes, dare I say, fun.

So, with that, the Phillips Reluctantly Do Pumpkin Patch '13

Harper getting her jump on while I stifle the mental image of her flying off of that thing like a cannonball should she get 'popped' by someone who weighs more:

In our family, we always do things the easy way - like putting on shoes, for example:

Harper on the hayride:

This is what Harper does when I tell her to smile for a picture. Obviously, I'm waiting with bated breath for her official preschool portraits:

Henry doesn't fancy shenanigans. Shenanigan #1: Seated too far from the tractor. Not amused.
Blue Steel. 
The only other picture of him that wasn't a blur.
Then this, x 27 or so. Henry, meanwhile, not pictured and..not amused.
Finally, a typical family portrait.


  1. i so want to see you in person! i'm glad this fun happened today {by the way you look amazing} :) now to carve those pumpkins right??

  2. you sweet woman. we are absolutely coming to the mtns after Brandon's test. we will see you soon!

  3. Missing your updates!