Monday, October 7, 2013

Possibly Unpopular Opinion of the Week

I love words. In fact, I have a hard time reading novels because I get word envy.

word envy - n. unwarranted jealousy experienced by me when an author uses a stronger, more descriptive word than expected.

Also, I acknowledge that a well-developed vocabulary nearly extinguishes the need for... "swear words."

However, I believe with my whole heart that there is a time and a place - wherein there exists no substitute - to fervently drop the f-bomb.


  1. I dropped a huge f-bomb when I was in labor with Dylan. It was most definitely the time & place for a fervent f-bomb.

    1. Hell yes, Martha. If ever there is a time, that is it. I don't care to count how many times I said it on the way to the hospital - both times.

    2. In was in the delivery room... waiting on the epidural to do its thing. I think all the nurses got the hint that it wasn't working yet. ;)