Thursday, December 6, 2012

I just swept up more food from the kitchen floor than I've eaten all day.

I delayed the start of the 2 Day diet for a day, because we took Henry to the doctor for shots yesterday morning. And that was just not something I could face with a smile and green tea. Or a smoothie. Who has time for that, btw?

And then I may or may not have had a bowl of Lucky Charms when we got home. ..But Harper changed up the marshmallow to oat ratio for me, so that wasn't as bad for me as usual.

..That girl, always thinking of me..

So this morning, I started.

I waited until 10:30 (because that was the first time I had 5 seconds to myself after feeding Henry and cleaning up after Harper..and finding the Rapunzel dress.. and the glass slippers.. and then "shivery socks.") to make and drink the smoothie.

1 cup unsweetened almond milk,
1 cup ice,
1 cup blueberries,
1 tsp peanut butter (seriously. why bother.)
1 dash of cocoa powder..

I'm happy to report that the immersion blender worked beautifully and didn't even make Henry cry.

I took a sip and gagged.  It was something about the texture and that it looked like black bean soup from Panera. Normally, stuff like that doesn't bother me at all.

Like any good blogger, I took pictures. But they're too gross to show.

I added two Splenda, put it in a cup with a lid and a straw and just.. did the damn thing.

It seemed.. too big. Like.. way too much. (TWSS?...anyone? c'mon!)

but I was hungry 1.5 hours later.

I had my first snack of a cucumber in balsamic vinegar and a cup of green tea. Which was filling and not gross, although the 'no salt' hurdle is..well.. hurdleish.

When Harper asked for her usual - turkey, ham and cheese sandwich on white - around 12:30, I wasn't hungry. Which is weird. B/c dude. I love sandwich time. I was kinda 'bleh' because I knew I had to eat:

raw greens
4 oz lean meat (omg I picked shrimp. WTH was I thinking.)
1 tsp. oil

So I made the salad. And put the shrimp on top. With the oil.. and balsamic vinegar.. and a little lemon juice. and some Mrs. Dash salt-free seasoning. And took a bite. And gagged.

But really? Not that awful. Boiled shrimp is just a terrible choice. I could totally do chicken. Totally.

So I took all the shrimp out, ate the salad and then, in my first cheat move of the two day diet, dipped the shrimp in a tiny bit of cocktail sauce.

This afternoon, Mom mercifully bought me an unsweetened black tea from Starbucks, which, so far, has saved me from eating the aforementioned floor food.

A bit of motivation, though - my black leggings are far less constricting than when I began the day.

..Clearly, I need to begin searching for a permanent solution, as I doubt I will be able to pull off a flannel shirt and leggings come April or May.

Next up, a treat of 10 stalks of blanched asparagus and the same dinner as lunch.

If I make it through that.. I'll update tomorrow.

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