Friday, April 6, 2012

Top of the Muffin, to ya! - Week 2

This post comes to you from the couch portion of the couch to 5k, to which I stagger through the door, heaving and fall.

I kid. It's not that bad. Easy and fun, really.

Of course, it's only day 2. So there's that.

And make no mistake..

I'm that girl. The one you drive by and suck in a little air through your teeth, maybe wince, and shake your head. "Poor thing." I would look no less pathetic if I were wearing high-waisted acid wash jeans and sporting a fanny pack.


..Really though. You know how some people don't dress for the gym? They just go and run on the treadmill in like...khakis or cords? That makes me giggle every time.


This week, I focused on making small changes in addition to beginning a standard C25k program.

I quit 'stress eating.' This is where you might roll your eyes and if I see you do it, I will send Harper over to poke them out: Being with a toddler all day can be stressful when she's having a bad day. Stressful. Enough to go something. Someone hold me.

I quit sugary carbonated beverages. And for Pete's sake - no more big glasses of juice.

I quit the crockpot. (Y'all..seriously. Don't flood me with Pinterest 'healthy' crock pot recipes. I will pin the tail on that donkey eventually, but right now, nothing good (for me) comes out of that thing. Precisely because I want to eat the whole damn thing.)

I quit the Easter candy. I shake my head that I even have to write this.

I quit making cookies after dinner.

One rave this week - 

Cooookie. ..j/k. My humor? Brought to you by a 2 year old.

Dunkin' Donuts Egg White Flatbread. The veggie and turkey sausage options are both spot on. 


Down 3lbs.

Please, please check on Laura at Navigating the Mothership - she's so much healthier than I. And probably doesn't eat Dunkin' Donuts anything. And Sassy Southern Belle? How'd you do this week?


  1. DUDE. I would eat Dunkin' Donuts if the opportunity presented itself. Freaking Minnesooooota. In fact, I just ate a gigantic cinnamon roll at a coffee shop.

    Impressed you made all those diet changes in a fell swoop! Nice work.

    Don't you think the sleep deprivation makes rational eating choices soooo hard? Our bodies are demanding those refined carbs to make it feel better and trying to get the energy to get your brain to step up and make the decisions is impossible. Sigh. Womp, womp.

    Going to throw on some pleated khakis and hit the gym now. (No.)

  2. Well I am down 5lbs... makes me a little happier, I am fitting into things that 2 wks ago was a little snugger. :) I have 10 lbs to go.
    Zumba tonight and then 2 days a week cardio and abs. A mile long walk every night to clear my head and stay motivated. This helps having someone to "report" back to. :)