Saturday, March 10, 2012

11 Questions

Laura, at Navigating the Mothership, linked me on an 11 Questions 'meme.' Meme clearly means to invent and answer fortyleven questions while shirking all household/work responsibilities.

Laura is super funny and truthful and spot-on about being a momma with a sprinkle of hippie. Also, she says "yo" on the regular, which endears her to me. 

So, first: 11 facts about me. Random and I fear.. uninteresting.

1. I discuss nail polish at least once per day with my friend Tiffany. Rarely do we skip a day. RARELY. And we send pictures of our nails to each other. Today, I'm wearing Koala Beary by OPI. It's hot pink. It achieves opacity in two coats with absolutely no streaking. She's wearing Houston, We Have a Purple by
OPI. It's a jelly. Our favorite.

2. I've never been able to do a pull-up in my life. MY LIFE. My arm hang wasn't too swift, either. But the shuttle run? I will dust you in the shuttle run. Still. ..Set up the blocks. Our driveway is the perfect length.

3. I go on blogging hiatuses when I lose a follower. Formerly 83, I'm looking at YOU. That cut me deep, 83. Deep.

4. I would rather eat dirt than drink a glass of plain milk. However, I love all milk products.

5. I don't know my right from my left. Even if it seems like I don't pause when I answer, I do. Because I have to think about it. Every single time.

6. I never had hot tea until I moved to Wisconsin. And then, I was all, "I hate it! It's too strong!" ... Take the tea bag out, Courtney. Take it out. And now I drink it every day.

7. One time, I definitely did a 180 degree spin in the middle of the All-American Freeway in a rain storm. I think I hydroplaned, but not sure.. because in 3 seconds, I was facing the wrong direction in the road.  I never told anyone except Brandon. Ok, Mom. Commence freakout.

8. I am a good bowler, but I can not do that thing where the ball curves in and knocks down the pins. It seems like a sneaky and unnatural move anyway.

9. I have a serious fear of tornadoes and I'm pretty sure I was in one when I was in elementary school, sleeping over at a friend's house. Melissa.. did that actually happen?

10. My most terrifying recurring dream is that I'm driving up a hill and all of a sudden, the hill gets so steep that I'm driving straight up and I just know that at any moment, my car is going to fall right off of the road. Anyone want to diagnose the meaning of that craziness?

11. Once, Brandon and I drove through a snowstorm in Indiana and on icy roads through the West Virginia mountains in the middle of the night because there was no place to stop. I thought we were going to die. Seriously. It's the only time I really ever thought I was going to die.

Now, I answer Laura's 11 questions.

1. You can order anything off a brunch menu (it's magic and the future and thus it's a limitless menu) - what do you pick? All I can think about is one time we went to brunch at a super awesome restaurant with all of our friends and I was A: pregnant and B: stricken with horrifying morning sickness. I'd just like a re-do. And YES, I'd like the unlimited mimosas for $5. Please, and thank you.

2. Dream vacation spot and who do you bring? Resort igloo vacation in the Arctic Circle. I'd take Brandon, obviously, but Harper and Henry, too. Maybe they could sleep in a separate igloo. Or like.. an igloo with a ice door to our igloo so they could holler and play and it wouldn't be too loud. Adjoining igloos, if you will.

3. What TV show or movie best represents your life right now? Up All Night. Easily. I just had four cups of coffee and a box of Nerds! I'm ready to watch Friday Night Lights!

4. What TV show or movie would you like to live in for a week? Probably be The Office. . .and I actually lived it for two years in Wisconsin, so I think I'd fit in well.

5. What scandalized you as a child, as in something like finding a copy of Forever by Judy Blume on the shelf and reading it at the tender age of 11?  Please. I went to public school. Except for maybe being on the receiving end of the misinformation that "funk" was the f-word and being horrified when Mom would threaten to come by my third grade classroom and tell our class to "Get funky!"

6. What do you do fabulously that makes you want to high-five yourself? Ok. Two things. The first is something only I care about: I can look at any leftover food and judge the most appropriate size Tupperware container. It's a gift. I never have to repackage. I never have spillover. 100%. The other is only a smidge more important in the general spectrum of life survival: I never get lost. Ever. I always know where I am. This is especially impressive because I don't know my right from my left. Due in equal parts to Dad making me navigate every single weekend trip we ever took from the time I was 6 years old and mom making me lean the seat of the car back so I couldn't see where we were going and keep up with where we were based on how the car turned. ...Wait. Y'all didn't play "kidnapped" on the way home from school? I am a suburban Katniss Everdeen. I promise.

7. Are you a hugger? Or try to avoid getting hugged? What are your feelings about elderly people that kiss you wetly on the mouth? (There is only one answer for that last question.) I'm a total hugger, but am annoyed with hugs when the hugger is just trying to A: cop a feel on someone else's significant other - who do you think you're fooling? or B: establish dominance. On the aggregate, I'm afraid of elderly people. You never know what they'll do or say. So I'm generally terrified by the thought of one coming at me with wet lips. ..but not surprised. As I stated before... you just never know.

8. Name a pet peeve. Bandwagon Carolina fans. There. I said it.

9. Do you have a morning routine that you must do everyday? No. Thanks to Mr. I-don't-like-it-when-you-ingest-dairy-or-soy, even my one-eye-open stagger to the coffee maker is out the window.

10. What was the last thing you ate and drank? Cherry Pie Lara Bar and low acid orange juice. Both have changed my life.

11. What is your dream career? I'm doing it. I know, I know. Gag.

And now my questions:

1. If you could re-do one decision in your life, what would it be?

2. What's your all-time favorite scent? Not perfume, but.. like.. smell.

3. Do you remember your first kiss? Lol. Just take a minute to bathe in the awkwardness...... and then regale us with it.

4. Speaking of, what's the most awkward moment that you can ever recall?

5. What the worst trouble you ever got in in school? Heather Pavel, I did not make you squeeze that fire extinguisher handle.

6. If you could go back to a place you've visited, where would it be?

7. Describe the most perfect day of your life so far.

8. Do you have a firm handshake and do you think that matters? PS. I shake hands with the strength of.. the Hulk. I got tired of being squeezed to death, yo.

9. What size bed do you have? Validate your decision. Especially mention if it's a super tall bed. I do not understand the logic. What if you fall out? Wouldn't it hurt way worse?

10. What would you buy right now if I gave you $100?

11. Complete this sentence: I feel strongest when I . . . .

Feel free to create a blog just to answer these questions - you know you want an excuse to blog. And I'll link you if you do. But here's who I'm guilting into it: Hannah, Sarah and Karrie.


  1. Thank you for not telling me about the incident on the All-American. I would have taken your car away and then what??? I am still freaked out though. Just as I am about that snowstorm in W. Virginia. Don't do that anymore, okay?
    You made me lol when you mentioned my threat to tell your class to "get funky!" I think I did it regularly! Threatened, that is!
    Your #10...I HAVE THAT SAME DREAM!!! What the heck is that all about?

  2. Um...your mom is obviously the coolest ever as indicated by her comment above and also threats to get funky. I also had a LOL moment at that. Other very important thoughts:

    1. I tried in vain to hide that stupid follower number from my dashboard. I DON'T WANT TO KNOW! Ugh.

    2. After growing up in Fargo, I am wicked afraid of driving and hills. San Francisco blows my mind. COULD NOT EVEN drive there.

    3. That tupperware estimation skill probably also would extend to you being able to very accurately guess a Tbsp or tsp or cup or what have you. That was a v. important part of my job with the eating disorder peeps and I had to "ok" the portions they got for themselves at snacks and meals and they were generally discouraged from using measuring spoons and cups. So I made sure I was as good at that as I thought I was to ensure I was telling them accurate things and could prove it if need be. Also - my husband is such a disaster at guessing tupperware or an appropriate cooking vessel.

    4. A sprinkle hippie. Loves.

  3. Since I am lacking any idea as to what to comment, and I really want to say something, I'll just let my awesome rambling skills do the work! I'm very glad you're back in full blog swing. It makes me happy.

  4. I love your blog!! You are so funny! And I am freakishly scared of tornadoes too!!

  5. For you Miss. Courtney.

    <3 ya