Tuesday, September 20, 2011

You'll hate me tonight.

I hate to even say this, because I can guarantee you're probably not going to sleep well tonight, and it's gonna be my fault.

How old are the pillows on your bed?

Do you even remember the last time you replaced them?

Never want to replace them b/c you've finally gotten 'the one' broken in?

Bought some super expensive ones when you got married but that was. . . . 5 years ago? 6? 7? 15? And you never thought you'd need to part with their fluffy general disposition?

Yes you do want to part with them. Immediately. ..Probably.

After just two years, 80% of the weight of your pillow is...dust mite poop. 

I'm sorry. Sort of.


  1. LOL too funny. Good thing we just replaced ours about 6 months- a year ago.

  2. Our dust mites are all potty trained

  3. A fact I've known too long. Ignorance is bliss. So one time we went to a rustic cabin at a state park and the pillows weighed 10 lb each and I'm not even exaggerating. Ugh. Obviously I boycotted.

  4. Boycotted the pillows, I mean. Not the cabin. In case you thought I was 98% crazy vs a more mainstream 15%.

  5. lol! I kinda wish I didn't know! What's equally cringe-worthy (and this would speak to my own 98% crazy) is that if I had picked up those 10 lb pillows in the cabin, I woulda said to myself, "Self, you're going to sleep so well tonight! These big ole heavy pillows will be so comfy! They must be expensive!" Gaaaah.
    Amanda - make sure you work out whether it was 6 or 12 months ago. . . that'll be a scary window in about a year :)
    Paul - ours are not. and neither is our child. I sense that my daily life is more complicated than yours.

  6. It took us a LONG time to potty train the mites. But, it's so worth it now. Of course, Kelley's still not happy when they leave the seat up.