Monday, September 26, 2011

Buckwheat Sings

At the risk of peppering my blog with too many SNL references from the 80s that no one understands, Harper would like to submit the following lyrics for your deciphering pleasure:

Duh stahs ah nigh ah big an bwight, deep in da ha-puh Tecas! 

No? Another verse? Sure!

Duh pwaiwee sky is wide an high, deep in da ha-puh Tecas!

Come on.. Don't give up. 

Duh sae in bwoom is wike puhfume, deep in da ha-puh Tecas!

Sing with me now!  

Weminds me uh duh one I wuv, deep in da ha-puh Tecas!

Nee-haw (yee-haw)! Happy Monday!


  1. Nope. I'd be willing to bet that you'd catch 90% of what she says on a daily basis. We're seasoned pros.

  2. Love this. :) Another skill to add to the resume, speak fluent toddler-ease.

  3. I understand. Reference, song, all of it!

  4. Too cute! They sing that at every Astros game, so I'm becoming quite familiar with the words =)

  5. "Wookin' pa nub in all the wong pwaces" -Love the Eddie Murphy Buckwheat sketch! The funny thing is, i'm used to trying to communicate in different languages and accents, but I bet I'd still need you to translate if I attempted to converse with Little Miss Harper. I just don't speak toddler...yet :)