Thursday, July 14, 2011

I was just frontin.

For three weeks, I've been sweating a fancy, on-sale ice cream maker, but in a twisty conflicted I-don't-need-this-but-it-might-revolutionize-my-life way that required input from a friend, a husband pleading with me to buy it (not because he really cares or wants it, but because he recognized my twistiness) and a preliminary trip to scope it out.

It's easy to get swept up into a lifestyle when you find yourself in a well-to-do area and rubbing elbows with the people who are.. well.. well-to-do, but its hard for me to swallow.

Somewhere along the way, I realized the value of a dollar. And that I don't make them anymore. And I don't scour clearance racks for sport.

It is with purpose. It is with a level head. It is with a nod to the future. It is with common sense.

And yet, I found myself pushing a stroller through the copper-hued palace of overpriced kitchenware and dreamily smelling the deliciousness of the demonstration kitchen - a lemon scone? yes, I believe we will - and fingering the stylish aprons and mentally placing that yellow bread basket on my dining room table for Thanksgiving and filling it with rolls and almost. . . . . drinking the Kool-aid.

But I was just frontin'.

As I waited for an apron-clad gentleman to find the model I wanted and box up my ice-cream maker (!!), Harper got fidgety. And then some woman broke something in a different part of the store requiring chivalry of immediate proportion on the part of said-guy-helping-me. And then before I knew it, I had been bouncing a toddler and trying to entertain her for 10 minutes so she wouldn't break anything - all the while, not being helped - and watching two other store workers blankly watching me waiting to buy an over-priced, half-priced ice-cream maker that was only going to give my butt an excuse to get bigger.

My resolve began to falter..

Ok, really? I felt the heat creep up my neck, characteristically brewing a full-on Mom (my mom)-in-a-department-store-when-they-wouldn't-let-her-return-an-item-fist-pounding rage attack.

And the straw that broke the stay-at-home mom's back?

Still playing the part of the never-flustered Martha, I effortlessly and simultaneously hoisted Harper to my left hip, straightened my skirt and switched shoulders with my handbag to free up my right hand - so that I could examine a deliciously breakable jar of cherry pie filling. For a split second, my mind drifted to the quick and impressive dessert I could prepare that night and. . . ((turns jar upside down)). . . for the low cost of $18.


And then as swiftly as ballet flats on buttery wood flooring may pad, we hustled on out.

To Target. To be among my peeps. And $2.00 cans of cherries. With principles fully intact. . . until the next Williams-Sonoma sale email.


  1. Love this!!! I have found myself in situations like that.. and well.... since I don't work I have found that boys' underwear and 2.00 tank tops with soffe shorts are much more easy to swallow buying... hehe!!! BUT.... the ice cream maker sounds like something every pregnant woman would want and NEED!!!

  2. Oh I love that store....but I feel like things are over priced and rarely buy anything.

  3. Everything I've ever seen at Williams Sonoma I find half-price or more at Marshalls and Homegoods. I drool over the Le Creuset though! But seriously, it's so heavy I can barely manage with both my hands!