Friday, August 1, 2014

Harper's 5th Birthday Interview

This comes a month late. . . on the heels of a raucous girl superhero party. Same questions from the 3rd birthday interview. I did a 4th. I don't know where I filed it. Typical.

Ready to "battack danger" with her lasso of troof.

Your birthday was last month. We should do a birthday interview.
Why interview me? Why? Where? This is late.
How old are you?
5 years old
Who is your best friend?
What is your favorite way to spend your time?
doing schoolwork
What's your favorite color?
Favorite food?
What is your favorite family activity?
give them hugs and kisses
and then the same question again..because 5.
What's your favorite activity to do with your family?
draw and play
Like what kind of games?
Because those are both healthy things and you have to do them.
What's your favorite toy?
Stuffed animals. Elephant*.
*Much grief surrounding elephant's impending loneliness once she starts school, thus requiring daily mention of huge golden lab stuffed animal from Gander Mountain to keep him company. We will probably end up buy it if she persists in her intelligent persuasion tactics, which have included mid-morning calls to dad at the office to lobby on elephant's behalf and the identification and presentation of many other stuffed animals whose welfare will also benefit from said golden lab. 
What do you want to be when you grow up?
Because nurses* are my favorite, so I want to be like Nurse Nancy.
*It seems pertinent to add that, specifically, Harper wants to be a "snake nurse." She will wear gloves, so the poison doesn't get on her.
What makes you happy?
What makes you sad?
((brow furrowed..hands on hips..stands up)) Being angry. Getting angry. Throwing sticks at me. Some people who are strangers.
Yikes. If only you had a real lasso for those stick-throwing strangers.
What is your favorite TV show?
Cinderella. I mean Lucky Duck.
What is your favorite book?
Snuggle Buddies*.
*A step reader about the Disney princesses and their pets. Also, no day is complete without a solid 45 minutes of role play. Harper is a "palace pet," while I am the protagonist, antagonist, and all supporting roles following her dictated script. Her contribution: barking and meowing in response.
What do you like to learn about?
What was the best part about your birthday?
Pin the tail on the donkey.
Really? That was your favorite part of the party that I spent weeks Pinteresting? $1.98 from K-Mart? Harp. You're the only one who played.
Where do you like to go?
To the beach to play in the sand and water. The beach is my favorite place!
What is your favorite treat?
jelly beans!
What do you think about at night before you go to sleep?
My dolls. I think about my plastic doll Jessie and her plastic horse, Peppermint.
Who is a famous person you'd like to meet?
Aunt Kristen. She looks famous when she wears her clothes.
Well now.
What's your favorite thing about being 5?
Playing nurse and helping my stuffed animals.
Do you feel different than when you were four?
Yeah. I feel like I'm much taller than short.
Happy Birthday, Baby.
Mom. It's not my birthday anymore.


  1. Oh my darling, Harper! Let's go to the beach and see Aunt Beefy, and play in the water and sand!

  2. hahahaha... don't you know that it's always the $2 items that are the BEST THINGS EVER!