Tuesday, July 15, 2014

10 ways to horrify a 2.5 year old.

1. Assume he wants his banana peeled.
2. Pick up a sibling. Ever.
3. Sing along with him.
4. Help him put on his shoes.
5. Suggest he has a last name.
6. Buckle his car seat.
7. Gently recommend he not approach an ice cream cone bottom first.
8. Embark upon any painless endeavor of his basic hygiene which must be repeated multiple times per day, including, but not limited to: face wiping, diaper changing, tooth brushing and hair combing.
9. Pick him up.
10. Put him down.


  1. Do you know I held this post and held it and held it, because I couldn't find a picture that suited it?!! Excellent work!

  2. so true!!! wash their face is a big one at my house

  3. My sweet Henry. Love love love him!

  4. My six-month-old is already beginning to be offended by a few of these. Good to see his sense of injustice is going nowhere.