Friday, March 8, 2013

Old School Blogging

Today, Theta Mom and The Miss Elaine-ous Life are encouraging us to go 'old school' and since I still find early 2000s hip-hop relevant and since I don't have anything nice to say today, this seems like a good fit. Y'all should do the same!

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
Lawd have mercy. Living in Lee Hall at NC State with entirely too much time on my hands. Which I did not spend studying or going to class regularly. Like most 19 year olds, just generally making great decisions at every opportunity.
2. What 5 things are on your to-do list?
  • Make drapes for the TV room.
  • Fold the four loads of laundry currently piled on our bed.
Life-size Beast makes a cameo for comparison sake.

  • Clean out my car. OMG. Goldfish propagation, y'all. 
  • Decorate for Easter. Harper loves me more when I surprise her with seasonal decor.
  • Install a new baby gate upstairs, which will make Henry love me less.
3. What are 5 snacks you enjoy?
It's not advisable for me to keep snacks in our house that I enjoy, because I would enjoy an entire box of said enjoyable snack. Things I trust myself with? PB2 and celery and cinnamon Chex with almond milk. What snacks do I want? Doughnuts, chocolate, cake and chocolate cake doughnuts.
4. Name some things you would do if you were a millionaire:
Pay off our house. Geez. Can you sleep at night until you do this?!
Buy a fancy-ass minivan substitute. 
Go to grad school and get all the degrees. I don't have to decide! I'm a millionaire!
Top off an education fund for our children - but not one where they turn 19 and have access to it. Have we discussed the decision-making abilities of 19 year olds? 29 year olds, for that matter? Heh. Am I even qualified to have these imaginary millions?
Contribute to solutions to problems dear to my heart.  For the love of humanity, please do your research when contributing to non-profits, y'all. 50% admin expense means you're paying for the CEO's fancy-ass minivan substitute and pumping their child's trust fund.
Save the rest to take care of us and our families if they need it. 
Also, buy an enormous TV for the garage. Because I'm a millionaire and can watch Vampire Diaries while I elliptical, if I want. 
5. Name some places you have lived:
Raleigh NC, Milwaukee WI, Washington DC and my hometown, Fayetteville NC. You can tell that I'm kind of a big deal.
6. Name some bad habits you have:
Procrastination, not putting things away after I'm done with them, blogging when I should be folding laundry. ((Beast gives best come-hither stare))
7. Name some jobs you have had:
I have been a cashier at a grocery store, where I contracted strep throat 6 times over the course of 1.5 years because people and their groceries and their money are dirty. 
I have been a scorekeeper for youth sports, where I learned that I will never pressure my children to play sports.
I've been a student fundraiser and trained callers for the NC State Annual Fund, where I learned that hardworking farmers and their money are easily parted for worthy causes. 
I've been a fundraiser for United Way & The Children's Inn, where I learned that there are some problems that money can't fix. 
And Mom..where I've learned that I know nothing.
8. Name those you are tagging for #OSBlog:
Y'all, I don't do the Twitters. Saying funny things is too hard. Especially if you're going to limit my characters. Furthermore, I don't subscribe to pretending to have Twitter on Facebook.  #Befunnywithoutahashtag.
I'll still tag my frans, though, because both deserve to go viral and blow up. Or do those things in the opposite order. I don't know which. 


  1. favorite quote of all time
    "And Mom..where I've learned that I know nothing."

    this is on my to do list for tomorrow

    have i told you i missed you lately.....i miss you

  2. Oh Honey, some people live a lifetime and never know they know NOTHING!!! Love you.

    1. I don't know nothing about nothing. lol Love you too.

  3. Your laundry pile is cracking me up. Life-sized Beast for comparison. hehe

    1. The Beast gets no love in our house, as we're all about Belle and Mrs. Potts. He's always around for photo ops :)

  4. "Go to grad school and get all the degrees." Snort. And I'm currently ignoring piles of laundry to read these posts!

  5. If it makes you feel any better at all, I just put away an equally mountainous load of laundry, which included not just clothes from our own family of five, but 2 nephews as well. Beast has nothing on us.

    1. That actually does make me feel much better, because the only thing worse than laundry is MORE LAUNDRY. I hope they appreciate it :) Ours don't! haha

  6. What's PB2??

    And no, no you can not sleep at night until you pay off your house. Gonna take the nap of my life in 28 years.

  7. I love this old school business. I'm going to do it right now.

    So mortgages...guess how many we have since my husband came with rental properties (in the same buggy way that I came to the marriage with cats)? TOOOO MANY. I mean, the mortgages are paid for by the renters who live there, but UGH I just dislike it so much when we look at our financial spreadsheet (luckily we have little debt outside of those but ZOMG when you add them up that is a SH!TON of debt). Rental properties are seriously the #1 stressor in our marriage, I do believe.

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  9. I have All those bad habits too! I too was a scorekeeper at youth sports...quite an experience.

  10. is there anything like it?! I swear, it brings out the absolute worst in parents.